Welcome to TIFF 2024 Application Process for this Year's Media Inclusion Initiative
Please read the following information carefully before continuing:

  • Please answer all questions with as much detail as possible
  • Your responses are reflective of your own application and you may not submit an application for multiple individuals
  • A headshot photo will be required for completion of your application. Please ensure your photo is readily available prior to beginning your application process and note the specifications carefully in order to upload successfully.
  • You will need to provide at least one supporting material as part of this application in the form of a URL (e.g. Website Google Drive, YouTube, Dropbox, etc.).
  • New this year: A group of 2023 MII Legacy participants will be returning to the programme and will serve as peer mentors.
  • Upon completion of your application form, you will receive a Confirmation ID and a confirmation email. Please note: your Confirmation ID is not confirmation of acceptance. Approved participants will be notified of their acceptance in a separate communication.

Your application must be submitted by JUNE 19, 2024 8 PM EST

For 75 approved candidates chosen by TIFF and an external 3rd party committee, Media Inclusion Initiative participants will receive festival media accreditation and access to exclusive networking sessions. TIFF will also provide a stipend to help offset costs associated with travel and accommodations related to the Festival.

Please note: all individuals who apply to this year’s Media Inclusion Initiative should NOT apply for general media accreditation. For those who meet the criteria and are accepted, they will be accredited accordingly.

We invite everyone to apply who fits any of the below criteria:

  • You identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or a person of colour
  • You identify as 2SLGBTQIA+
  • You identify as a woman, trans, non-binary, and/or two-spirited
  • You have a disability


  • You are an emerging journalist and who has NOT been an Accredited Media at the Toronto International Film Festival before.
  • You have NOT received the Media Inclusion Initiative stipend in the past.
  • You will be able to attend the 2024 Festival in person, which takes place in Toronto from September 5 to 15, 2024.
Applications will close on June 19, 2024 at 8PM EST
If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at media@tiff.net before continuing with this application.
Contact Information
First Name: Last Name:
Personal Website:
(If applicable)
Home Address:
(Unit, Street Number)
City: Country:
Province/State/Territory: Postal/Zip Code:
Cell Phone: Alternate Phone Number:
(If applicable)
Primary Email Address: Social Media Handles:
(Please list all relevant handles or links)

Did you attend last year’s Festival as part of the Media Inclusion Initiative?

Personal Statement: Please tell us why you are a strong candidate to participate in this year’s Media Inclusion Initiative. This is an opportunity to speak about your experience and allow us to get to know you better.

Your Lived Experience
TIFF is committed to nurturing an inclusive press corps with a wide variety of representation and lived experience. TIFF recognizes that we have the responsibility to welcome everyone to our storytelling platform. This information allows us to measure our progress towards providing a more inclusive and welcoming experience for all. TIFF is committed to protecting your privacy and any personal information we collect about you. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.
Indigenous Peoples
Different nations and Indigenous people have different concepts and approaches to determining identity, and there is not one way to be Indigenous. We use "Indigenous peoples" as a collective name for the original inhabitants of regions and territories around the world.
Do you identify as an Indigenous person?

Please name the First Nation, community or settlement you are affiliated with:
Race, Ethnicity & Cultural Origins
A person’s ethnicity or cultural origins are not necessarily indicative of the race with which they identify. For many people, each is a distinct part of their identity. Learning from you about your identity sheds light on diversity among communities at TIFF, and helps foster greater inclusivity.

Please select any of the options from the identity groups listed below that best describe you. (Listed in alphabetical order - please select all that apply.)

If you selected "Not listed" please write a response below (optional):
Please answer the following:

Do you identify as a person who is Deaf or differently abled, or as a person with disabilities or accessibility challenges?

If yes to the question above, do you identify as a person who: (please select all that apply)

Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation
The spectra of both gender identity and sexual orientation across our communities is an important measure of inclusivity at TIFF. We appreciate hearing from you on how you identify in these two separate categories.
How would you describe your gender* identity? (Please select all that apply)

How would you describe your sexual orientation? (Select all that apply)

My pronouns are: (Select all that apply)

Outlet Information
Please input as much accurate information as possible in order to best process and review your application

How many years have you been covering film as a journalist?

Primary Outlet Name:
Job Title for Primary Outlet:
Primary Outlet Website:
Media Type:  

Frequency of Delivery:    
Affiliated Country:  
(Country where your primary outlet is located/based)
Main Region:  
(Where the majority of your outlet’s audience is based.)

(use only numbers)

Coverage Focus
The focus of your intended coverage is an important factor in your application. Please choose up to three accurate options from the list below:

Please choose up to three options from the list below:  


MANDATORY | Supporting Materials
As part of this application, you must provide at least one example of your work in the form of a URL (YouTube, Vimeo Google Drive, Dropbox, Website etc). Your application will not be considered if supporting materials are not provided. Please contact media@tiff.net if you have any additional questions regarding this.

Photo Upload
(no photo) Upload and Edit Pass Photo
We require a photo for your accreditation and can be uploaded by clicking the link above. A new window will open where you can select the file, upload it, crop it to our standard dimensions and save it. We cannot process your pass without a digital photo. If you are having difficulty with your photo, please email us at media@tiff.net.

Photo Requirements: Photos must be: under 1 MB in size, in colour, in jpg format. The photo should reflect your current appearance (taken within the last 12 months) and show only your head and shoulders. You should be fully facing the camera and the sole person in the image. Photos with hats, sunglasses, or other accessories will not be accepted. This passport-like photo is used for security purposes and if you are not clearly identified, we will not be able to print your pass.

Do you agree to receive communications from TIFF?

Should you be selected for the Media Inclusion Initiative, would you like to opt in to the Media Inclusion Directory? The Directory will be shared with film publicists and other stakeholders.

Is there anything else you would like to mention that may strengthen your application?
Safety and Respect at TIFF
A cornerstone of TIFF’s belief system is that everyone has the right to respect, as well as fair and equitable treatment. TIFF does not tolerate violence, mistreatment, or harassment — verbal, physical, sexual or otherwise — towards staff, volunteers, delegates, audience members, or attendees at any of our festivals, conferences, or events. Our staff and volunteers are committed to ensuring the best possible experience for all of our attendees. If the safety of our guests is in question, we will take immediate steps to ensure the matter is addressed.
I accept TIFF’s Code of Conduct

A note about how this information will be used:
  • TIFF may share a general breakdown of the demographics of the Media Inclusion Initiative participants externally, but will not share demographic information for individual participants.
  • TIFF may use disclosed demographic information and associated statistics for future internal and external reports.
  • Individual information disclosed here may be visible to a third-party selection committee on a confidential basis.

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